3 Retail Display Mistakes You Didn’t Know Were Costing You Sales

Modern Display CabinetsWhile all retailers realise that they must offer quality products and hassle-free service to persuade customers to buy, many overlook the importance of visual merchandising to their business success.

That said, mentioned below are some common mistakes retailers make that drive customers away and affect their sales.

Mistake #1. Cluttering instead of stowing merchandise

Many retailers who just can’t resist the urge to overcrowd merchandise and/or displays, don’t realise that they’re actually overwhelming customers with a huge clutter of displays rather than alluring them to buy from a wide selection.

Shopping is not just an activity or pleasure but an experience that customers want to enjoy to the fullest. Keep display cabinets and shelves simple, organised and attractive so that customers can truly appreciate it.

Mistake #2. Creating obstructed alleys

No matter if you have modern display cabinets or conventional yet sizeable shelving units, it’s not going to help you much except for storage if the displays aren’t arranged properly.

Display CabinetsNarrow pathways between displays that cause customers to struggle to make way for other shoppers while they’re glancing through merchandise, are also likely to affect your sales negatively.

Always set up your shelving units to encourage traffic flow and make it easier for customers to pass through and browse.

Mistake #3. Overlooking the significance of decompression zones

Decompression zone is the area that bears the first few steps of customers walking into a store and allows them to adjust to the provided retail environment.

Many retailers in an attempt to excite buyers cram too much in the entryway only to leave visitors overwhelmed. You want customers to walk into your store, move slowly through the entryway and notice what’s around and not rush forward missing out on the most important products of your store.

So, give much thought to lighting, texture, colours and flooring around the decompression zone to create a sale-centric setting.


If you’re making any of these mistakes or other display blunders in your retail store, know that it’s costing your business customers and sales. Make sure the ambiance and displays you create for your customers do make them feel good about your merchandise and encourage them to shop.


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