The Secret to Supermarket Profitability and Success


Not all customers intend to splurge and buy everything they see when they enter into a supermarket. It is often the visual appeal of the layout that influences customers’ purchasing decisions and make them leave the store with much more than they planned.

That is what we call effective visual merchandising.

While most customers want to spend as little as possible when in a supermarket, all retailers wish for their customers to spend as much money as possible.

Well in case of successful supermarkets, they win this battle by leveraging effective layout strategies. If you’re a small or struggling supermarket retailer, the following piece of advice can sure help you boost your supermarket profits.

Reinforce your shelf placement

Putting up products on shelves just about anywhere you want is probably the best move supermarkets can make to frustrate their customers.

How and where your place products in supermarket shelves has a vital role to play in shaping the customer’s decision to purchase.

As a rule of thumb, consider eye level to affect buy level.

Products placed at eye level are likely to sell fast giving the priciest and competitive items the highest shelves to sit on. On the other hand, products that customers intend to buy regardless of price and promotion, are worthy of lower shelves on the display. The shelves at the lowest level can be reserved for basic or least popular merchandise.

In addition to placement, the visibility of products also has an impact on sales. The more visible the merchandise, the more likely they are to be sold.

Not to forget, you can benefit your sales from complimentary pairing. For example, putting mayonnaise or sauce alongside pasta may induce customers to buy both that they may not otherwise consider.

The Takeaway

Increased supermarket traffic and sales may be hard nut to crack. However, as long as you focus on improving the visibility and accessibility of your products when planning visual merchandising for your supermarket, you are setting your store up for success.

Furthermore, what types of shelves you use to display your products can also have an impact on your visual merchandising efforts.

That said, Shop Supplies is a reliable supplier that offers supermarket shelves for sale. Heavy duty shelving at Shop Supplies are designed to withstand a large number of products in an organised way.


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