Effortless Ways to Improve Your Supermarket Sales

Happy customers equals increased sales.

Image result for shelvingLike any other business, a supermarket business is all about its customers. From capturing the attention of customers to designing appealing supermarket shelving, store layout and product displays, it all boils to creating a seamless, positive and consistent shopping experience.

A positive yet consistent customer experience ensures repeat business while bringing in new customers through referrals from existing happy customers.

Having said that, we have gathered a few tips and tricks to help increase your supermarket sales and create an ever-growing network of customers.

Use super-sized carts

According to research, customers tend to spend more when they use larger carts. A spacious cart sends a hidden message to the customer that there’s room for more products and maybe they can spend more.

That said, replacing handy baskets with large carts is an effective way to engage customers for a longer time and notice products that they might not have looked at otherwise.

Change product displays regularly

Creating product displays should not be a one-off job. It is important to keep changing the location of particularly popular or most-selling items to create a fresh, unique experience for customers every time they shop.

Another crucial reason to makes changes to your existing product and shelf placement scheme is to persuade interested buyers to notice other items around the store while looking for popular items and stimulate impulse sales.

In-store coupons and offers

Discount coupons and exclusive deals are a great means to convert slow-moving inventory into cash and boost overall sales. You can create bundles or combo offers by using fast-selling or popular merchandise to sell slow-moving items. Combined offerings provide an instant hike in sales while enhancing customer engagement. Through attractive offers and deals you can induce customers into noticing and buying products they might not have intended.

Create a personalised experience

Customers love it when they are offered custom discounts or reduced pricing deals that let them enjoy specific (favourite) products at competitive prices.

Value your existing, long-term customers by offering them special discounts, cashback offers and loyalty points to encourage them come back for more. It will be a good idea to notify your valuable customers ahead of seasonal or flash sales on their mobile phone or vial email to have them informed and prepare their budget for a convenient shopping experience.

To sum up

How you make customers feel in-store plays a crucial role in shaping their perspective about your business and shopping experience. Implement these tips to improve your in-store environment for better customer engagement and satisfaction.

Furthermore, it is advisable to use quality display units and shop fitting such as metal storage shelves, wire shelves, heavy duty long span shelving and gondola shelving to organise and display products in a sophisticated manner which will ultimately contribute to a hassle-fee shopping experience.


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